Machine builders and OEMs are challenged to address high-risk applications in environments with hygienic specifications or harsh conditions.

The D41L is a high-coded RFID guard locking switch that helps to minimize defeat possibilities and offers a unique design that makes it ideal to meet the requirement for harsh environments or hygienic requirements with a smooth surface and no key-hole that prevents water, food, or dust accumulation and is ECOLAB-certified detergent resistant for quick cleaning.

In addition, the D41L offers easy-to-install, troubleshoot safety door switches with 3-color LEDs and automatic paring, requiring a minimum amount of labor-hour to commissioning, and maintain a machine. Additionally, its compact housing allows identical mounting for left and right hinged doors and can be used as a door stop, reducing the cost of ownership.


High-Coded Door Switches

Minimize defeat possibilities and prevent bypassing of the safety door switch by using high-coded RFID door switches to develop tamper-proof safety solutions to keep workers safe.

Easy-to-install and maintain 

Automatic paring requires a minimum amount of labor-hour to commissioning and maintain a machine and can be easily done for one or several door switches connected in series. Up to 31 switches can be connected in series and teach at the same time.

Offers identical mounting for left and right hinged doors and its large actuator prevents downtime-related guarding misalignment.


Ideal option for harsh environments 

D41L’s unique design, with IP69 housing, prevents water, dust or food to be accumulated in the device and supports ECOLAB-certified detergent resistance for quick cleaning.

It offers large actuator tolerances, in longitudinal direction ±3.5mm, lateral direction ±2.0mm

Easy latching force adjustment that can be increased from 25N to 50N by turning the start handle 180°