Designing a risk reduction strategy where inertia plays a critical role in the risk assessment, such as rotating equipment and high pressure pneumatic valves, is challenging.  The D4NL series is a flexible and cost effective guard-locking door switch designed to prevent access to hazards in this situations. With the various combinations of mechanical lock/solenoid release, the D4L has a key holding force of up to 1300N, reducing the risk of access to the hazard.  The D4L simplifies installation and maintenance with a plastic housing, availability with four or five built-in contacts, compatibility various conduit types and sharing a common key set with D4GL and D4NS series.

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  • Safety door switch with electromagnetic lock or unlock mechanism
  • Models with four or five built-in contacts
  • Strong key holding force: 1300N
  • For standard loads and micro loads
  • Keys are compatible with D4GL and D4NS



  • Best-selling guard lock safety-door switch available in several compact, multi-contact models
  • Selectable Operation Key insertion direction and adjustable mounting ensure installation flexibility
  • Lineup includes models with a conduit size of M20
  • IP67 degree of protection
  • Variety of metallic heads available

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