Compact DeviceNet I/O units with extensive diagnostic functions. Data regarding power supply status, I/O response times, operation counters and on-time are continuously recorded and checked against user-defined limits. Any deviation is reported to the control system, as indication to perform machine maintenance and prevent unplanned downtime. Smart DeviceNet I/Os are supported by PLC Function Blocks and HMI Smart Active Parts, allowing program-less visualisation and monitoring from the CJ PLCs and NS operator terminals.

  • Compact size IP20 housing
  • Expandable digital I/Os
  • Built-in diagnostics and preventive maintenance functions
  • Detachable I/O terminal blocks
  • Analog I/O with data pre-processing and alarm functions

Smart features

All Omron I/O units have built-in Smart Features that help to:

  • Reduce engineering time
  • Plan preventative maintainance
  • Increase your productivity

Take a look at one of the features below for a demonstration.


Smart I/O can store the last date on which you performed maintenance. A better overview will help you plan maintenance more efficiently.


Smart I/O units all keep track of duration and number of operations, to help you plan machine maintenance. Timely warnings to inspect and adjust the machine will minimise unplanned downtime.

Volt meter

Smart I/O monitors its own supply voltage, and will warn you if the voltage is out of safe range - e.g. due to damaged cable or poor connection.


Smart I/O can measure delays between two I/O signals with millisecond accuracy. When your preset limit is exceeded, Smart I/O will warn you that wear or lack of lubrication has reduced machine performance.


Smart Analog I/O performs data pre-processing to help you reduce PLC programming. Scaling and alarms, and even totalising or rate-of-change calculations are handled inside the unit.