Rugged I/O units for field mounting. The DRT2 slave units feature internal diagnostic and maintenance data collection, which can be accessed over the network. Power supply status, I/O response times, operation counters and on-time monitor data is available at all times, and is internally checked against user-defined limits. Maintenance warnings will be generated when limits are exceeded. Using CX-One or NS-series HMI with Smart Active Parts for visualisation, this allows more efficient system setup, commissioning and troubleshooting without any additional programming.

  • IP67 protection, DRT2 versions are also oil- and welding-spatter proof
  • Internal circuits powered by DeviceNet; fewer connections means less installation errors
  • Smart Slave functions for diagnostics and preventive maintenance
  • Indication of broken wire and short-circuit in I/O signals
  • M12 connectors for fast installation

Harsh environment

The I/O units for tough environments

Resistant against dust, water and welding spatters. IP67 I/O units are aimed at providing maximum availability under all circumstances.


DeviceNet: Fault-tolerant

Availability guaranteed no matter how tough the environmental circumstances are. DeviceNet is based on proven CAN technology.

I/O Wiring

Fault-free wiring

Rugged, M12 prefabricated cable-connector assemblies provide fast and faultless installation.


One cable for power and data

Power supply through DeviceNet cable with rugged M12, prefabricated cable-connector assemblies.