The E2EQ NEXT DC 3-wire weld spatter resistant series of proximity sensors offer latest generation sensing distances that significantly reduce target contact, solve size limited applications with smaller form factor sensors, have oil resistance, and provide real-time condition monitoring with IO-Link in welding applications.


E2EQ NEXT long range sensors:

Are IP67G rated to withstand harsh cutting oil environments

Reduce downtime associated with the replacement of damaged sensors

Improve mounting design flexibility by allowing users to install smaller form factor sensors


  • Enhanced sensing distance reduces contact with targets and improves longevity
  • 1x, 2x, and 3x sensing distances available across the entire size range
  • NO,PNP and NONC,PNP models come standard with IO-Link
  • Oil resistant models enhance product life in harsh cutting environments
  • Pre-wired & pre-wired connector models: IP67; IP67G
  • Connector models: IP67
  • UL (UL60947-5-2), CSA (CAS C22.2 UL60947-5-2-14), CE
  • 360° visible output indicator
  • Easily installed with Quick Fix
  • Are resistant to weld slag produced in welding applications