The E3NX-MA dual channel fiber amplifier allows users to decrease their sensor amplifier footprint by 50% by accommodating two inputs and two outputs in a single unit. The amplifier also reduces wiring saving setup time and cost. E3NX-MA features the same GIGA-RAY, APC and DPC functions found in other E3NX families to ensure that the sensor light is used as efficiently as possible for longevity and consistency of light intensity.

  • Reduce sensor foot print by 50%
  • Shorten commissioning time with less wiring
  • Includes the same N-Smart technology as other E3NX families
  • Can be coupled with the E3NW communications units for fieldbus communications


N-Smart technology

The GIGA RAY 2S high-efficiency coupling element achieves a clear signal and wide dynamic range. It is joined by the “Smart Noise Reduction” light reception algorithm which increases the number of samples taken. Together they increase the performance and stability of the E3NX-MA.


Smart tuning

Simplest calibration of optimum power and threshold level by pushing tune button twice.