The same familiar E3Z sensor enabled with IO-Link to allow users to easily configure and troubleshoot. E3Z-IL sensors allow users to set up instability detection for light or output.


Omron's initial offering of IO-Link products includes photoelectric sensors, color mark sensors, proximity sensors and IO-Link masters. By connecting sensors and controllers via IO-Link, all necessary information for satble sensor operations, such as incident light levels, are visible. Now, monitoring and error detection at the sensor level is possible; reducing downtime, aiding in predictive maintenance and decreasing commissioning time.

  • Downtime can be reduced. Notifies you of faulty parts and such phenomena in the Sensor in real time.
  • The frequency of sudden failure can be decreased. The light incident level monitor prevents false detection before it happens.
  • The efficiency of changeover can be improved. Batch check for individual sensor IDs significantly decreases commissioning time.
  • Three types of sensing methods and three types of connection methods are available.