Temperature Controllers


An ultra-slim in-panel temperature controller with a sharp display

The E5DC/E5DC-B series temperature controller offers high performance in an ultra-slim 22.5 mm wide body. Despite the small package, the E5DC/E5DC-B still offers the same user friendly interface and sharp display as the other E5_C series temperature controllers. Equipped with a removable terminal block, this temperature controller makes replacement quick and easy. The unique body allows 16 units to be grouped together to reduce the amount of wiring and space required.


Input typeThermocouple, RTD, Linear, Infrared Sensor
Control functionHeat & cool
Control methodON/OFF-control, 2-PID control
Temperature range> 700°C
IP ratingIP22
DisplayTwo line
Alarms2 Relay
Second set pointYes
Input sampling period50 ms
Ramp/Soak CycleYes
Supply voltage24 VAC/VDC
CommunicationsRS-485 comm
ProtocolCompoWay/F or Modbus

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