Temperature Controllers


An ultra-slim in-panel temperature controller with a sharp display

The E5DC/E5DC-B series temperature controller offers high performance in an ultra-slim 22.5 mm wide body. Despite the small package, the E5DC/E5DC-B still offers the same user friendly interface and sharp display as the other E5_C series temperature controllers. Equipped with a removable terminal block, this temperature controller makes replacement quick and easy. The unique body allows 16 units to be grouped together to reduce the amount of wiring and space required.

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Input typeThermocouple, RTD, Linear, Infrared Sensor
Control functionHeat & cool
Control methodON/OFF-control, 2-PID control
Temperature range> 700°C
IP ratingIP22
DisplayTwo line
Alarms2 Relay
Second set pointYes
Input sampling period50 ms
Ramp/Soak CycleYes
Supply voltage24 VAC/VDC
Output2 alarms, alram output relay

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