These are field mountable I/O blocks with short and open circuit detection. Local LEDs indicate on/off status and open or short circuit condition for each input. The short circuit detection is at the sensor level and protects all the other inputs from the short. By preventing the short from effecting other inputs/outputs and the block itself from the short - the time to find the short in the field is dropped from minutes or hours to seconds.


Easy I/O instance type reporting of the short or open or short back to the master allows for even faster detection of the fault on the display.

  • Rotary switch or web browser settable EtherNet address
  • 16 PNP input block or 16 PNP output block
  • Smart-click D coding M12 connectors for positive feedback on watertight connection
  • Short circuit and open circuit detection for fast detection of shorted wires or broken sensors
  • LEDs directly on the unit to indicate short or open circuit for each input/output
  • Waterproof construction and screw holes for easy mounting directly on the machine