The demands of flexible manufacturing require quick line changeovers and frequent reconfiguration of the safety light curtains for new muting or blanking applications. Having to use software tools to reprogram the safety light curtains adds complications, extends your downtime and increases your costs. The dipswitches on the IP67 rated F3SG-RA allows for easy configuration without the unnecessary hassle of bringing a laptop to the manufacturing floor.  With a few changes of the integrated dipswitches, you can adjust the advanced muting and blanking functions of the F3SG-RA to meet your new production requirements with minimal downtime.

  • Rugged, IP67 rated housing resists washdown
  • Space-saving slim profile of 35x35 mm (1.37 in.)
  • Scan QR code with smart phone for local language support and troubleshooting guide
  • Built-in muting; requires no external muting controller
  • All models designed for global use. PNP/NPN output selection by DIP switch


  • Fast response time of 8ms
  • Quick mount brackets reduce setup time by 50%
  • Series connection for flexible setup of protective field.
  • Easy-to-view LED bar for less alignment and diagnosis effort.
  • ADVANCE model supports complex safety solutions with muting and blanking functions.



  • Resolution: 14 mm (finger protection) and 30 mm (hand and arm protection) models
  • Cascaded designs possible: 3 segments, up to 255 beams
  • “Smart click” 1/8 turn quick connect M12 cables: for fast installation and proper torque to ensure IP67 connection
  • 14mm resolution up to 10.0 m (32 ft.) range in 160 to 2080 mm (6.3 to 81.9 inch) protective heights
  • 30mm resolution up to 20.0 m (65 ft.) range in 190 to 2510 mm (7.3 to 98.7 inch) protective heights



8 Languages!

To access troubleshooting support for safety light curtain errors in your local language use your tablet or smartphone to scan a QR code sticker that can be applied to the machine. Also accessible by computer, operators can check the error details in 8 languages and download manuals from a dedicated website. Languages include English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German and Italian.

Reduced Wiring Work


Smart Click

1/8 turn quick-connect M12 cables allow fast installation and proper torque to ensure IP67 connection.