Safety Light Curtains and Safety Laser Scanners

F3SG-SR Series Light Curtain

F3SG-SR: Next generation light curtain, advanced model

The F3SG-SR series light curtain was developed to help manufacturers overcome the challenges of globalization and flexible production. This series offers a complete lineup of products that comply with global safety standards and provide a wide range of functionality across all design and maintenance needs.


Safety outputs2 PNP/NPN selectable, 300 mA at 24 VDC
Auxiliary (non-safety) Output1 PNP/NPN selectable, 100 mA at 24 VDC
Programming MethodConfiguration tool only
Cascading Yes, up to 3 segments
Floating BlankingYes
Fixed BlankingYes
Light curtain typeCascadable Basic type
Minimum object resolution25 mm
Protected height range160 to 2480 mm
Operating Range0.3 to 20 meters
Alignment Indicators2 LEDs (top & bottom)

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