User can choose to program via traditional measurement flow where they can drag-and-drop inspection tools, or they can choose to build the programs using a more customizable interface called TDM (Total Design Management) Editor, which allows you to design complex measurement processes while managing variables and data sharing within the system.

  • Full traceability capabilities (locate,read, measure, inspect, save and share measurement data)
  • Robust, accurate and extremely fast object detection tools including Shape Search 3
  • State-of-the-art patented Real Color Sensing technology for true color analysis
  • Simplicity on setting OCR capable of reading touching characters and curved strings with built-in dictionary
  • Auto core management or manual core allocation for parallel processing and logging data without slowing down the process
  • Powerful Operator layout customization and user password control
  • Multiple image acquisition modes, including HDR and advanced filtering options
  • AI Fine Matching and Scratch Detection Filter