Omron’s G2RV-ST second-generation 6mm slim relay offers significant space savings, vibration resistance, and industry-leading switching performance with a reliable design. By utilizing slim relays, customers can increase the panel space available and fit a higher density of components. Omron’s slim relays also improve general usability with features like angled wire terminal openings, robust DIN rail attachment, and a locking lever arm to hold the relay securely in place. Status indicators make it easy to do a quick visual check of relay status and function.

  • Secure locking lever arm and socket enclosure for relay
  • Push-In Plus wiring available
  • Increased visibility for terminal markings and LED indicator
  • Vibration resistance
  • Industry leading switching performance characteristics (PLC outputs)
  • Designed with Omron’s Value for Panel Building methodology (unified component dimensions to optimize panel space)
  • Transparent housing so you can check the relay condition