Saving mounting space, lowering installation time and reducing operational costs are the most common hurtles when designing a safety control system. The G9SE series offers a new approach for safety relays for simple safety applications. Its compact design saves mounting space and the Push-In terminal blocks make reduces your installation time.   With intuitive diagnostic indicators, the G9SE is easy to troubleshoot, reducing your operational costs. The G9SE simplifies your basic safety applications and improves your OEE.

  • Simple front side wiring using screw-less terminals.
  • 17.5 or 22.5 mm width to save mounting space
  • 15ms Max. response time
  • Safe OFF delay function up to PLe
  • Certification for lift standards EN 81-1, EN 81-2
  • Up to Ple according to EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL 3 according to EN 61508

Compact size


Slim design saves mounting space: Models measure only 17.5 or 22.5 mm wide to save space in the control panel

Fast installation


Simple wiring using screw-less terminals: Front-mounted screw-less terminals provide quick and easy access for installation in small control panels with a high density of components on the rail.



Faster troubleshooting with status indicators: New intuitive LED indicators show the operating status of safety inputs and outputs, enabling faster and more accurate troubleshooting when the equipment stops.



Universal inputs promote easy selection for seamless integration for your application. Connect a wide range of safety input devices such as emergency stop switches, door switches and light curtains