H3YN-B Solid State Timer

Compact, multi-function timers with plug-in socket


DisplayLED Indicator
Setting methodAnalog Dial
Resetting methodSelf Reset
Number of operating modes4
ON-delay modeYes
Repeat cycle OFF start mode Yes
Repeat cycle ON start modeYes
Signal ON/OFF delay ON start modeNo
Signal ON/OFF delay OFF start modeNo
Signal OFF Delay modeNo
Interval modeYes
One-shot output modeNo
Power OFF DelayNo
Power ON delayNo
ON/OFF adjustable duty cycleNo
Twin timerNo
On-Delay with instantaneous outputNo
InputsNo Inputs
Dimensions H x W x D mm28 x 21.5 x 56.6 mm
Supply voltage24 VDC
Time ranges0.1 m to 10 h
Output type4PDT
Connection Type14 Pin Socket

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