These indicators with digital input feature a clear and easy-to-use colour-change display. All models are equipped with an IP66 housing. K3HB-R is high speed, with a sample rate up to 50kHz.

  • Position meter indication for easy monitoring
  • Optional DeviceNet, RS-232C, RS-485
  • Double display, with 5 digits, in two colours
  • Dimensions: H 48 x W 96 x D 100mm

Harsh environment

Control products can be subjected to harsh environments where they can be splashed during the process or covered in dust or get warm through their location. The E5CN, E5CSV, H7CX, H5CX and K3HB all feature a NEMA4X (IP66 equivalent) front panels so are suitable for the use in these applications, also the low profile fascia means that they are less prominent in the front of the panel and so less likely to become dirty.

Speed matching conveyors

Speed matching between two separate conveyors ensures the correct transfer of materials. In this case if the belts are at different speeds the boxes will either fall forward or backwards. By comparing the two belt speeds a linear output from the K3HB can be used to adjust one conveyors speed to ensure matching and smooth transfer.