Multi-axis point-to-point positioning controller over MECHATROLINK-II Motion Bus

NC MECHATROLINK-II is a powerful controller for point-to-point applications. It is based on MECHATROLINK-II Motion Bus, which reduces programming and development and maintenance costs. Supports PLC Open Function Blocks.


  • Position control units with 2, 4 or 16 axes
  • Simplified wiring (I/Os). Data routing to all servo drives (MECHATROLINK-II)
  • Integration into Omron Smart Platform: Function Blocks, Smart Active Parts, CX-One
  • Servo drives’ full control and parameter access via Mechatrolink
  • Supports position, speed and torque control
  • Easy, fast, reliable, optimised for positioning applications
  • Advanced PTP: 8-axis (4 Dim.+ 4 Dim.) interpolator

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