Omron NY Series Industrial PCs are designed with the Sysmac principals of creating the highest degree of machine performance while empowering users through data. Visualization of data is the key to utilizing operations technology data to implement change and achieve next level process efficiency.

The NY Series Industrial Monitor PC elevates the capabilities of the IPC through: visualization designed for collaboration, 7th Generation CPU performance, breadth of connectivity and industry proven housings as standard.



  • Projected capacitive touchscreen is delicate to detect glove touch and robust enough to resist aggressive cleaning solution to allow for seamless use for a breadth of users.
  • Units are designed to support a breadth of harsh applications without false touch, where water and cleaning solutions do not create incidental commands to the units which can result in interrupted performance.
  • Quick installation with standard CAT6A cables which can be up to 100 meters from linked equipment.

Key Features

Visualization Designed for Collaboration

  • 1980 x 1280 resolution
  • 500 nits brightness

Connectivity as Standard

  • Supports multiple USB-B devices

Industry Proven Design

  • Zero fan design
  • No internal cables
  • Front side IP 65/Nema4, rear side IP 20

image spacer- 1920 x 100