Simplify large-scale factory automation with the NX701. Omron’s machine automation controllers have been designed to give manufacturing facilities robust safety, accurate motion, and transparent control by harnessing Sysmac’s One Controller, One Connection, and One Software architecture.



Delivering machine performance through robust architecture while gathering more data, the NX701:
  • Decreases the installation costs by unifying up to 256 axis of motion in a single robust controller which creates a single program to design, verify, and control revisions.
  • Decreases future automation costs with EtherNet/IP™ and EtherCAT®  dedicated built-in ports. Where future projects can leverage EtherNet/IP™ for larger packet data size to meet HMI visualization and EtherCAT® for guaranteed packet delivery to meet deterministic motion.
  • Decreases programming time and complexity with 80 MB of program memory which allows function blocks to replicate robust code into various other rungs of programs for maximum scalability while decreasing the risk of stolen intellectual property and easy version control by locking function blocks.

Key Features

Plug and Play Compatible with:
  • Omron’s complete line of 120+ NX I/O Units
  • Omron’s integrated software environment Sysmac Studio
  • Omron Vision, Omron Motion, Omron Robotics, and Omron Safety Components
Leverage the Strength of Multiple Industrial Protocols:
  • EtherNet/IP™
  • EtherCAT®
  • Fail Safe Over EtherCAT®
  • IO Link
Factory Scale Motion
  • Up to 256 axis of motion control
  • EtherCAT® cycle times from 0.125ms to 0.250ms in 0.125ms increments and 0.250ms to 8 ms in 0.250 ms increments.
  • 80 MB of program capacity