Omron Industrial Automation is an official partner of InduSoft, Inc. Together, Omron and InduSoft provide a joint-venture product which includes the latest InduSoft Web Studio SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) development and runtime software, along with Omron middleware - enabling native connectivity to supported Omron products and offline simulation. The Omron InduSoft offering is an ideal solution for systems with a mix of Omron and 3rd party automation products, multiple databases, and accessing systems remotely via web deployment.

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  • Complete system interconnectivity with native support for 240+ device drivers and databases
  • Easy web deployment for remote monitoring & control and mobile applications
  • Highest data integrity and reliability though redundant server technology
  • Extensive graphic library and graphical tools for user-customization
  • Compatible with all version of Windows and Windows Server operating systems, and previous versions of InduSoft
  • Single license to manage includes all features and add-ons
  • All drivers, customization, and graphical features included - licenses priced only on number of Tags, Drivers, and Thin Clients

InduSoft Web Studio supports many ways to facilitate communication between PLCs, check out this video webinar to explore how to communicate specifically to Omron PLCs using the SYSMAC Gateway.