The programs are organized as a project that includes folders like PMAC Script Language, C Language, etc. The programming environment supports program debugging capabilities and allows the user to insert breakpoints and step through the program. It supports setup tools to detect, configure, and diagnose Power PMAC hardware through its System Setup utility. The Power PMAC IDE also supports setup of EtherCAT and MACRO devices.

Software Features:

  • Automatic System Setup
  • Plot tool for gathering and plotting data
  • Scope tool for plotting data in real-time
  • Task Manager for monitoring system resources
  • Tuning program for testing open loop commands on the motor, tuning the motor's current loop, tuning the motor's servo loop, and adding filters
  • Terminal Window for inputting commands
  • Position Window for monitoring position, speed, and following error of motors
  • Watch Window for monitoring system variables and commands in real-time
  • Motor, Coordinates System, Global, and MACRO status windows for monitoring the state of these aspects of the PMAC system
  • Errors Display Window for showing all errors when downloading code to PMAC
  • Unsolicited Messages Window for receiving communication sent from programs running on PMAC up to the PC running the IDE
  • Screens for configuring system variables and Encoder Conversion Table entries
  • Debugger for Script PLC programs and C programs
  • Jog Ribbon for manually jogging motors via a GUI
  • For use with Power PMAC only