ACE software provides an easy-to-use environment to program and deploy applications ranging from simple pick & place to multi-robot belt-tracking lines with integrated vision. It allows you to increase productivity while streamlining configuration setup.


Powerful and easy to use

The ACE software provides a powerful tool set in an easy-to-use environment that simplifies the deployment of robotic automation applications ranging from simple pick & place to multi-robot belt-tracking lines. Menu-guided setup tools allow you to increase productivity while reducing setup time and an intuitive interface with superior data visualization expedites troubleshooting tasks and makes ongoing system operations easier to maintain. The integrated 3D emulation capability enables users to test out applications in a safe, virtual environment without the risk of damaging hardware due to programming mistakes. Emulation can also be done offline which eliminates common hardware access limitations such as when an automation cell is still under construction or is in production and inaccessible.

Software highlights 

  • Fast emulation and 3D visualization for quick proof of concept
  • Wizard-based user-friendly interface to teach, calibrate, and operate Omron robots
  • Recipe Manager simplifies management of manufacturing process and handles a range of product variations, ideal for flexible automation to reduce changeover time
  • Optional add-on "Manager" packages further ACE capabilities with custom, application-specific tool sets that add functionality and reduce setup complexity

Application Manager 

ACE provides another layer of simplification for Application development, by means of the Application Manager modules. These optional add-on modules enable advanced programming capabilities for specific applications that not only add the functions necessary for an application but also reduce setup complexity with the aid of application-specific wizard-guided setup menus.


The PackManager module provides the tools and functions to manage packaging lines from integration to deployment and step-by-step guidance without scripting. The software walks you through the configuration of packaging applications by setting up process-specific items, such as controllers, robots, and conveyor belts. The modular setup architecture makes it easy to not only to deploy a packaging system but also provides the flexibility to easily add or modify recipes/SKUs as production changes occur, without having to start from scratch. Support for the 3D emulation tool is also provided which allows users to visualize the packing process (including conveyor tracking operation) to determine the best system layout and maximize productivity.

Robot VisionManager 

The Robot Vision Manager module provides advanced machine vison capabilities to Omron industrial robots. The software walks you through the configuration of vision applications by setting up process-specific items, such as cameras, robots, vision process tools and calibrations. Over 35 vision tools are provided, (including inspection-focused tools) that make it easy to not only locate and pick parts, but also implement visual quality checks that can improve production quality and provide superior process traceability.

Robot VisionManager also works seamlessly with PackManager providing vision capabilities for packaging applications that require machine vision.

Vision tool highlights 

  • Barcode, QR code, data matrix, and optical character recognition
  • Image processing, background suppression, and edge extraction
  • Complex blob analysis and shape matching
  • Color recognition and analysis
  • Faster, optimized object localization and recognition in non-ideal lighting conditions
  • Precise defect detection
  • Image orientation correction

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