Prevent voltage drop and power failure with a compact UPS.

The S8BA is a compact DC-DC UPS solution with DIN rail mounting. During power failure or voltage drop, it provides reliability best suited for controllers and industrial-purpose computers (IPC).


  • Integrated battery models (S8BA-LF) or New Separated battery models (S8BA-SBF) available
  • New 960W option with S8BA-SBF
  • Lithium-ion battery makes it virtually maintenance free (10 year life expectancy)
  • Maximum backup time can be programmed via the front of the unit
  • Improves system reliability--provides 24VDC back-up power to IPCs in the event of a voltage drop or power failure
  • Labor saving push-in termination (input and output) allows for quick and easy installation
  • USB cable allows easy connection to PLC’s and IPC’s
  • Seven-segment display indicates S8BA status
  • UL Certified and CSA approved

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