Safety Edges (SGE & SCS Series Profiles)

Flexible strips to afix to the edge of moving parts

  • Profile materials NBR (SCS series only), EPDM or TPE
  • Available in six sizes for SGE Series and two sizes for SCS Series


Safety edges are used on edges of guards and gates at possible crushing or shearing points. They are used on gates, machines, and handling equipment to protect people and equipment. Our SGE Series safety edges use the innovative design of co-extruded safety contact as an integral part of the safety edge. A complete unit consists of an aluminum mounting channel, the safety contact, and the safety edge. The special shapes of the EPDM, TPE, or NBR rubber profiles protect the safety contact from damage and allows actuation angles to exceed 90 degrees. The last safety edge in a serial connection is terminated with a resistor, which is continuously monitored by the controller. This allows the entire circuit to be monitored for shorts and wire breaks.


How the System Works

The operation of a Quick-Disconnect Universal Mat system is easy to understand. The mat is a simple, normally open switch. When a specified minimum weight is applied to the mat the "switch" closes. This sends a signal to the controller which, in turn, sends a stop signal to the guarded machine. Each mat presents four wires to the controller. This provides the redundancy required to monitor the wiring for open circuits due to incorrect wiring or physical damage to the wires. In order to meet many national safety regulations, we offer trim to secure the mat to the floor so that it cannot be easily relocated and therefore become ineffective.

SGE Design


SGE series profiles are patented and offer improved technical characteristics with fewer components. Inside the safety edge is the co-extruded switching unit, which consists of two conductive rubber extrusions inside the chamber and a high-isolating material EPDM or TPE outer. Inside of each conductive rubber extrusion is a copper wire with low-resistance evaluation. The molded wiring plug at each end ensures the constant contact of the two conductive rubber extrusions of the switching unit. The end caps seal and protect the safety contact from dirt and water ingression. This innovative design significantly reduces assembly time, saving both time and money.Important features of the SGE profile:

  • Fast, accurate response even during lateral application of force
  • Fewer components required for complete assembly
  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Integrated water drain (some models)
  • Reduced weight

The SGE profile is currently available in six sizes from 8 mm to 65 mm in height. Profiles are available with sealing lips for applications such as doors.

SCS Design


In SCS series safety edges, the safety contact is inserted into the switching chamber of the safety edge. The two ends are then sealed with a permanently elastic adhesive and end caps to keep the unit watertight. All SCS series safety edges are available in NBR only.

SCC-1224A Safety Mat / Edge Controller


In order to be considered the safe, all safety edges need to be monitored by safety controller that has been certified for use in combination.

The new SCC-1224A is a compact 22.5 mm wide DIN rail panel mount controller that is certified for use with Omron safety edges, mats (UMA) and bumpers and offers the following features:

  • Switch selectable reset: eliminates jumper connections
  • Switch selectable output mode: reduces stocked models by combing functions into one unit
  • Built-in termination resistor: allows for connection to both 2 and 4 wire safety edges using a single controller
  • 120V AC or 24V AC/DC: eliminate the need for an external power supply

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