The V460 sets a new standard for usability.  It uses predictive autofocus and patented intelligent lighting to read direct part marks and labels of different sizes and distances, while communicating through fieldbus over a single Ethernet cable. It’s Plug & Play web browser setup creates an easy to implement process from setup to operation.



  • “Auto Everything” Handheld Barcode Reader designed to read Direct Part Marks
  • Industry-leading DPM Decoding Performance with Omron’s Advanced X-Mode Decoding
  • Automatic selection of optimal high powered, multi-axis, muti-colored lighting
  • Direct Fieldbus connectivity through single ethernet cable
  • Rugged durability for harsh environments

Key Features:

  • Predictive autofocus
  • Patented intelligent lighting
  • Plug-and-play with browser-based setup
  • Pre-Built PLC communication function blocks
  • Direct fieldbus connectivity
  • Drop tested durability
  • IP65 rated and ISO compliant

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