Advanced software algorithms paired with a high resolution 5um camera, make the VP9000 capable of repeatable solder paste measurements accurate within 2%.  Through the completely offline and intuitive programming interface, users can also make changes to an inspection without stopping production.  The real-time feedback function also allows the machine to communicate with a screen printer and correct potential stencil issues before defects are created.

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  • High-Speed 100% 3D Solder Paste Inspection
  • Complete Offline Program Generation
  • Highly Accurate Solder Paste Volume Measurement (within 2%)
  • Multiple Resolution Options and 3 Zoom Modes (down to 5µm)
  • Automatic Warpage Compensation
  • Real-Time Process Monitoring
  • Single and Twin Projector Availability
  • Two Available Machine Sizes to Handle PCBs Ranging From 250mm x 330mm to 460mm x 510mm
  • User-Friendly Software and Integrated, Touch-Screen Interface
  • Simple Program Creation From GERBER and/or Mount Data Conversion (Compatible With ePM)
  • Data Analysis and Quality Control Software Tools (compatible with Omron Q-Up Navi Software)
  • Omron’s World Class Service and Support