With the ability to perform pre or post reflow inspection, handle large format samples, and optional dual-lane configuration, the VT-S530 handles any production environment.  Built-in 3D and 2D inspection technologies measure ensure every solder joint while adhering to industrial IPC Standards.  Additionally, Omron’s completely offline programming and review software guarantee the least amount of process interruption.

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  • Multiple 3D Phase-Shift Projectors
  • Industry’s Leading 2D Color-Based Highlighting Technology
  • Quantitative Measurement Based Inspection
  • Complete PCB Surface Inspection
  • User-Friendly Software Interface
  • IPC-compliant inspection criteria
  • Completely Offline Programming and Review Stations
  • Compatible With Omron’s Advanced Process Monitoring Software (Q-upNavi)
  • Available in Single or Dual Lane Configuration
  • Capable of Inspecting Large Format Samples (510mm x 680mm)
  • Pre or Post Reflow Inspection
  • Omron’s World Class Service and Support