Smart ZS-HL sensor offers superb dynamic sensing range for all surfaces from black rubber to glass and mirror surfaces by simply scaling it to your needs. The ZS-HL is the enhanced variant of the ZS-L, applicable for longer measurement distances, and offers compatibility with sensor heads and accessories. Line beam options are available to address gross measurement needs for uneven surfaces.

  • Highest resolution and dynamic sensing range for all surfaces
  • Modular and scalable platform concept for up to 9 sensors
  • Easy to use, install and maintain for all user levels
  • Fast response time of 110 µs
  • Multi-tasking capability - Manages up to 4 measurement tools in one controller

Distance measurement – Disc surface

On a highly reflective surface, the sensor is verifying the tumbling of a disk by measuring the precise distance.

Glass thickness – Windscreen

The ZS is able to measure the thickness of a transparent object using just one sensor head.

Height measurement – Glue bead

The sensor is precisely measuring the height of a semi-transparent glue bead.

Thickness measurement – Black rubber

Using two sensors and a calculation unit, the ZS measures the thickness of a matt black, rubber-like material.

Flatness inspection – Piston

Multiple sensors verify the flatness of a machined, reflective surface.