Smart ZS-L sensor offers high-precision, high-speed and high sensitivity two-dimensional inspections. Sensing heads combine accurate laser measurement with high-stability CMOS imaging. The dynamic sensing range detects all surfaces, from black rubber to glass and mirror surfaces. Use ZS-L as a scalable solution for multiple inspection points with stackable amplifiers and units to support data collection and calculation from up to nine sensors.

  • Solve tough inspection problems: Stably measure black rubber, black resin, glass and metal sheets, and printed circuit boards
  • Sensitive enough to measure thickness of coating or sealer on glass
  • One-touch teach function simplifies setup
  • High resolution of 0.25 micrometer
  • Modular and scalable platform for up to 9 sensors
  • Easy to use, install and maintain for all user levels
  • Fast response time of 110 microseconds for accurate measurements of moving workpieces

Other Features

  • Support software simplifies data logging, analysis and reporting using serial communications via USB port
  • Safe Class 2 visible laser with stable line-beam makes alignment and setup easy
  • Sensing heads rated up to IP67
  • Programming instructions shown on message display built into controllers
  • Scalable Platform Advantages
  • Expandable up to 9 controllers to meet changing needs
  • Perform advance calculations like evenness or flatness with Multi-calculation controller
  • Connect Data Storage Module for process data logging, traceability and SPC
  • Use PC software for easy system setup and signal monitoring
  • Sensor head with 2D-CMOS technology delivers high dynamic sensing range to measure black rubber, plastic, shiny glass and mirror surfaces
  • Built-in setting for advanced applications
  • Easy teaching and reconfiguration