The ZX2 laser sensor offers best in class performance for accuracy and speed for all linear displacement applications. Utilising an advanced HSDR-CMOS image sensor, high measurement stability is achieved, even on the most challenging of surfaces. The ZX2 sensor has optional calculation units that can be used to use between two units to calculate thickness or determine differences in level.

  • One touch setup
  • Accurate: 1.5–5 µm
  • Any surface
  • High speed: 30 µs

HSDR-CMOS Image sensor


The ZX2 utilizes a newly developed High Speed & Dynamic Range (HSDR) CMOS image sensor. This provides stable measurement on surfaces ranging from highly absorbing to highly reflective, without loss of accuracy. The ZX2 continually monitors the received light level and adjusts the laser diode output to compensate, all in a cycle time of 60μs.

Easy Set-up


ZX2 Easy Set-up The ZX2 eliminates the need for complex set-up through lengthy parameter adjustment. A smart button is used to configure the sensor by defining the surface type for measurement.

  • One type of surface
  • Multiple surface types
  • Highly reflective surfaces

All other settings are automatically configured from this setting.


Double sheet detection application


The high accuracy measurement and ability to cope with varying surface types, allows the ZX2 to be used for double sheet inspection.

Position reference application


Accurate linear measurements can be performed at high speed, allowing the ZX2 to be used for high speed position reference applications.

Thickness measurement application


Thickness measurement is made simple in the ZX2 via the calculation unit. Accurate thickness measurements can be achieved even on highly reflective surfaces.

Warpage measurement


Using multiple ZX2 units it is possible to inspect the warpage or deflection of components. Even where the temperature or measurement surface varies, stable measurements can still be achieved.