The Omron Q-upNavi Software system is the absolute solution to total quality control and overall manufacturing process improvement. Q-upNavi represents a revolutionary step forward, tying together data from every step of the inspection process. It provides engineers with the tools to analyze, visualize, display and monitor their manufacturing environments well beyond what typical SPC software has ever been able to deliver.

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  • Side-by-Side Image Comparison from Multiple Inspection Machines
  • Live Process Monitoring Charts
  • Detailed Quality and Control Analysis for Each Inspection
  • Automatic Reporting With the Ability to Separate by Shift, Program, Part, Date, Defect, etc.
  • Simplifies True Root-Cause Analysis
  • Automatically Grabs Data from Omron SPI, AOI and AXI systems
  • Accessible Through a Web Interface from Any PC Connected to the Network