The VT-S10 AOI platform combines advanced AI-assisted programming with innovative Omron technology to extensively analyze solder joints.  By utilizing quantitative measurements that adhere to IPC standards, the VT-S10 Series machines help ensure the manufacturing of high quality products.  Bundled with Omron's robust offline software suite, users are able to monitor inspection results, make quick adjustments, and keep production lines running.

Three options to fit your applications

Z600 AOI

Designed with Omron's high-end Multi Directional Multi Color Lighting (MDMC) unit and a 12MP camera with a measurement resolution on the order of a single micron.

VT-S1040 AOI

MDMC lighting and 4 additional Multi-Phase-Shift (MPS) projectors, to provide accurate 3D measurements for every solder joint and component.

VT-S1080 AOI

Omron's complete optical inspection solution, Outfitted with MDMC lighting, 4MPS projectors and 4x 5MP angled cameras to provide the most thorough inspection.