1SA Series Features and Benefits

Advanced motion safety functions help you complete a risk reduction strategy, reduce machine downtime, and improve maintenance and changeover efficiency.

Safe Limited Speed

Machine adjustments often can’t be measured without stopping the machine. With safe limited speed (SLS), operators can enter machines to measure adjustments while the machines run at a safe speed.

Safe Stop 1 and 2

Machines sometimes lose axis coordination during emergency shutdowns. Say goodbye to this problem with safe stop 1 and 2 (SS1 & SS2), which let axes run while machines come to a controlled stop.

Safe Position

Loading or unloading parts on large machines can casue excessive downtime. Safe position lets machine’s automated portion move to a safe work zone while an operator loads and unloads from another.

Safe Operating Stop

Operators sometimes need to break light curtains during load/unload sequences. With safe operating stop (SOS), servos can maintain their position while stopped in a safe manner.

A powerful automation software

The 1SA Series uses Sysmac Studio to support the design and simulation of standard and safety control in a sequential manner. This versatile software reduces commissioning time of the servo system and safety system by approximately 35%.

The One Cable Technology connects the servo drive and motor. Power, encoder, and brake are integrated into one pre-assembled cable, and the rotating connector of the servo motor lets you change cable outlet direction. These features increase design flexibility by facilitating cable connection and disconnection during layout changes and maintenance.

Reaching the highest safety level

The 1SA Series provides eight safety functions (five of which are highlighted above) to safely run machines, and all of them satisfy PLe/SIL3 to provide the highest level of safety for your machine operators.

In the case of an emergency stop, for example, synchronized motors decelerate to a stop, and the stationary state is monitored to avoid any breakdown of products and machinery and smoothly restart the production equipment.