Benefits of the FH Series with AI defect detection

Captures defects with human-like sensitivity

The AI Scratch Detection Filter highlights scratches on different surface types without needing to learn from images or adjust any parameters, offering manufacturers a ready-to-deploy solution.

Identifies good products like experienced inspectors

The FH Series determines acceptable variation tolerances using the AI Fine Matching tool that learns from non-defective product images to quickly acquire the "expertise" that inspectors develop over m...

Can be incorporated into any environment

Most high-end vision solutions require a similarly high-end environment, but Omron’s lightweight solution provides user-friendly processing items that are integrated into the FH Series hardware.

See how Omron is using artificial intelligence to reproduce the visual sensitivity and experience of human inspectors in its FH Series vision systems.

Watch how AI helps automate inspection

With the upgraded FH Series, we’re helping manufacturers automate vision inspection via a lightweight, easily integrable solution.

See scratch detection in action

Watch this quick video to see how our industry-leading technology reproduces the techniques of skilled inspectors to automate vision-based inspection and reliably capture previously undetectable scratches and blemishes.

A solution for today and for the future

Protecting workers from COVID-19 is an issue currently on the minds of manufacturers across the globe, and the social distancing requirements on the manufacturing floor have increased the demand for labor-saving automated visual inspection.

By reproducing skilled inspectors’ techniques with AI, Omron is helping manufacturers automate vision inspection with a lightweight, easily integrable solution. The FH Series incorporates Omron’s 30+ years of experience with image processing and inspection.