K7GE Features and Benefits

Not every company has the resources to manually inspect all servos. With the K7GE, such inspections are a thing of the past.

Reduces Unexpected Motor Failure

The K7GE’s alarm system reduces unexpected motor failure by indicating when servo insulation resistance reaches an abnormal state.

Increases Efficiency in Your Plant

Remote condition monitoring dramatically improves efficiency for customers lacking enough resources to manually inspect servos.

Minimizes Engineering Hours

The K7GE’s software tool eliminates the need for manual trend analysis of servo insulation deterioration and saves many hours of engineering time.

Who should use the K7GE?

Servo motors in parts machine tooling, paint processing fans, food and commodities conveyor systems and water pumps are exposed to harsh elements that break down their insulation. This insulation must be checked manually on a regular basis to identify the need for maintenance.

The K7GE gives manufacturers peace of mind knowing that the harsh environment of their operations will not lead to servo motor failure in absence of any warning.