Minimize unexpected equipment downtime with our new long-range sensing line.

Omron’s E2E NEXT proximity sensors will significantly reduce equipment contact with their exceptional sensing range. With greater sensing distances in smaller form factors, oil-resistant sheathing, and IO-Link, these sensors are ideal for flexible applications in any environment

Boost your flexibility and keep your equipment downtime to a minimum!

Proximity sensors on the market today with short sensing distances are susceptible to damage from repeated contact with their targets, a major cause of unplanned downtime.

E2E NEXT proximity sensors can streamline your operations by:

  • Enhancing stability. The E2E NEXT line’s long sensing distance prevents unexpected equipment downtime caused by contact, making your operations more stable.
  • Promoting flexibility. The extended sensing distance makes it possible to use smaller form factor sensors for the same applications and address size-limited sensing needs.
  • Enabling IIoT applications. The DC 3-wire models use IO-Link to help identify the location and nature of sensor failures in real time.
  • Reducing failures. E2E sensors are resistant to cutting oil, which accounts for approximately 30% of unexpected component failures.
  • Improving change-outs. The sensors’ user-friendly design and 360° LED indicator makes it easy to confirm detection status via HMI and ensures that your equipment can recover quickly without requiring advanced support.

The sensors are available in DC 2-wire and DC 3-wire models, with the DC 3-wire models supporting IIoT connectivity so that you can easily identify the location and cause of failures in real time.

Find out how E2E NEXT can boost your flexibility and keep your equipment downtime to a minimum!

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