LD-250 Mobile Robot Features

Meet the strongest member of Omron’s family of mobile robots

Easy to install

Omron mobile robots are easy to get up and running, requiring no construction, no installation of magnets and minimal programming. And, our software easily integrates with your other systems.

Safe by design

Designed to collaborate with people and meet the industry’s latest requirements, our mobile robots use safety lasers and sonar allow to detect obstacles in their path and prevent collisions.

Powerful fleet management

Omron's Fleet Operations Workspace (FLOW) solution provides an intelligent fleet management system that monitors robot locations, traffic flow and job requests, ensuring peak efficiency.

Flexible functionality and a wide variety of applications

  • Liberates workers from the dull and cumbersome tasks of materials transport
  • Helps realize a diverse mobile robot fleet under the control of a single system
  • Can be customized with special conveyor tops, courier systems and more
  • Features the same powerful technologies as other LD Series robots
  • Provides highly reliable round-the-clock transport
  • No programming needed – robots do it all

In addition to its heavy-duty structure that carries unwieldy items traditionally transported in human-operated carts, the LD-250 takes advantage of several Omron technologies that improve performance, such as the High Accuracy Positioning System (HAPS), side lasers and the Acuity vision localization.

The strongest member of the LD family

Industry first to control different types of mobile robots via one system.

A better solution for your flexible factory

Omron’s LD mobile robots can avoid people and obstacles while automatically calculating the best routes to transport material, thereby optimizing materials transport requirements while reducing labor requirements.

Optimized for dynamic and peopled environments, these robots can naturally fall in behind human workers to seamlessly "integrate" into the workforce.

Innovative technology that lifts up all industries

With the addition of the LD-250 to the LD series, customers in a wide variety of industries – including automotive, food and beverage, electronics and logistics – are no longer required to establish a fixed material transport equipment.

Start building a flexible, round-the-clock materials transport system today.