Benefits of Stand-Alone Safety Kits

These kits are ideal for small to large production lines, compact machines, robotic cells, material handling and similar applications in semiconductor manufacturing, food production, automotive, machine tooling and packaging.

Minimizes integration and maintenance time

For new systems or retrofit projects, the kits integrate well with common PLC platforms and significantly reduce integration time when adding safety to existing equipment.

Supports quick diagnostics

The kit's dedicated troubleshooting tools enable quick diagnostics on the factory floor and keep downtime and maintenance to a minimum.

Provides flexibility for future expansions

By simplifying safety needs overall and integrating easily with third-party equipment, the kits maximize flexibility for future expansions and modifications.

Reduces training costs

Unique Sysmac functions like automatic programming and predesigned HMI screens simplify machine safety and lower training costs for engineers and maintenance personnel.

We make safety easier than ever

Each kit comes with downloadable single-license configuration software and a step-by-step tutorial on how to develop a project.

Take advantage of unique safety functions in our Sysmac environment like Automatic Programming and Online Functional Test to eliminate time-consuming setup tasks and get your project up and running faster.

Safety Kit Features

  • Various safety network options (EtherNet/IP, FSoE CIP Safety)
  • Automatic Programming
  • One-click user-defined function block generation
  • Simple Automatic Test and Online Functional Test
  • Safety Signature Check
  • Safety management with visualization tools
  • Automatic Configuration Restore
  • Fast change-out with memory cassette