Key benefits of the E3AS-F photoelectric sensor line

Reduce Error Rates

E3AS-F time-of-flight/background suppression sensors reliably detect targets, including those with variable features.

Promote Flexibility

E3AS-F sensors are easily taught and can sense objects up to 1.5m away.

Enable IIoT Applications

The E3AS-F line uses IO-Link to help with sensor configuration, and the distance output can be monitored via IO-Link.

Reduce Shutdown Frequency

E3AS sensors are ruggedized for harsh areas ith stainless steel construction, IP67G oil resistance and optional airblow or protective cover units.

A family designed to be flexible and robust

The E3AS-F family included in this sensor line allows for long-range, large-part detection. E3AS-F sensors will fit any size-constrained applications and will withstand even the most challenging oily or dirty environments.

E3AS-F (TOF) and E3AS-L (BGS) have L-ON/D-ON configurability as well as IO-Link. With IO-Link, E3AS-F sensor distance output can be monitored.