Make compliance procedures clear for all employees, avoid lockout/tagout problems

Lockout/tagout (LOTO) problems feature consistently among the top five violations for regulatory agencies in the Americas. Our experts can give you the necessary information and advice to help you avoid a citation.

Compliance-related procedures must be clear and fully accessible to all employees. We’ll help you present all requirements in a way that your team can readily grasp and execute.

What is LOTO, and why is it so important?

When your employees need to perform maintenance, repairs or adjustment (including line changeovers), you must keep them safe from hazardous machine motion. In practice, this means that you must isolate and dissipate any hazardous energy sources. This is no time to let operators rely on their best guesses as to how to prevent machines from unexpectedly turning on. You want your instructions to be clear, complete and easily accessible to all employees.

While onsite, our field engineers will:

  • Hold a kickoff meeting to review project scope and deliverables, perform a facility tour, and team-build with your subject matter experts
  • Evaluate equipment requirements and identify potential hazardous energy sources
  • Author all visual lockout procedures in a clear and concise manner
  • Route the procedures for your review and approval
  • Print, laminate and install the approved procedures onto equipment
  • Install the associated color-coded energy source tags
  • Collaborate with your team during the process to provide the tools and knowledge necessary to sustain the program in-house

What you will receive

With all procedures created in our strategic partner’s software package, our clients receive a sustainable workflow solution that allows them to streamline procedure approval, creation and maintenance processes.

  • Visual lockout procedures in three formats: 
    1. laminated and installed with energy isolation tags
    2. printed in a binder, and
    3. a digital version
  • Lockout product recommendations
  • A one-hour review of procedures and procedure creation