Remediate risks and protect your team with minimal impact on production

Having made over 25,000 machines safe in 48 countries, our installation team understands the difficulties and risks of retrofitting a safety solution onto existing equipment in an active production facility.  To minimize those risks and simplify the process, Omron offers a single point of contact and ownership for the implementation of the risk reduction solution proposed by our risk assessment team and codified by our safety engineer team during the safeguarding solution design phase.

An inspector performs a safety inspection on a manufacturing line, evaluating the impact of a safety retrofit

How the process works

  • We work closely with your team to build an implementation schedule that minimizes the impact to your production, allowing you to strategically plan your downtime.
  • Our onsite team retrofits all elements of the safety solution, including custom fabrication of hard guarding, installation of all safety components and integration and programming of the safety control systems.
  • Post-installation, we validate the operation of the safety control system and train your operators and maintenance team, ensuring the solution is effective and your team understands it.

Here's what's included in an Omron safety retrofit

We offer a turnkey approach to the management and implementation of Omron-designed risk reduction solutions, including:

  • Project ownership and management
  • Onsite installation labor
  • Materials for risk reduction
  • Supplemental engineering support, as necessary
  • Onsite project coordination from Omron dedicated installation supervisor
  • Onsite fabrication and installation of safety hard guarding for point of operation guarding
  • Installation of safety components per the solution design
  • Integration and programming of safety control systems
  • Validation of completed safety system
  • Operator and maintenance team training