Are you sure your machines are properly safeguarded? Be confident in compliance.

Regulatory risk can be a serious challenge to overall productivity, employee safety and the financial well-being of your company. If you’re not sure your machines could pass a regulatory inspection, take the first step by understanding your risks. Leverage Omron’s Risk Assessment expertise and global experience to protect the machines that make your products.

Understand your compliance status

Identify and prioritize which equipment presents your greatest risks

Develop a strategic plan for compliance

Minimize downtime, ensure employee safety and reduce the risk of steep fines

Top 4 regulatory issues identified in Omron risk assessments

Here are the most common compliance issues identified by safety experts:

  1. No guarding, or non-compliant guarding at the point of operation ANSI B11.19/OSHA 1910.212
  2. Lack of a safety-rated monitoring device (SIC) for the safety circuit ANSI B11.19
  3. Non-compliant emergency stop buttons NFPA79 and ANSI B11.19
  4. Energy isolation components that are missing, or non-compliant ANSI ASSE Z244.1

Our Team

Safety specialists, not safety salespeople

To us, safety assessor isn’t just a title or a nice-to-have skill — it’s that person’s entire job and focus. Our dedicated, full-time experts have the experience and expertise to ensure your equipment meets international and regional safety standards.

Our Process

Collaboration, not confrontation

Our process depends on partnership. You know how to make your products, and we know how to make the machines that make those products safe. Together, we collaborate to develop and implement solutions that improve machine safety, meet regulatory compliance and reduce overall risk.