Give your business a serious advantage

If your business involves machines, our solutions can help. Omron’s end-to-end industrial automation solutions will make your machines smarter, faster, more flexible and more reliable so that you can maximize productivity and sharpen your competitive edge.

These solutions are rooted in a specialized expertise in sensing and control automation as well as a history of working closely with customers to understand the unique needs of distinct industries. Our goal is always to tailor each solution to the particular challenges each customer faces.

White Papers

With decades of automation experience and a drive to continuously innovate better ways to automate tasks, we’ve amassed a multitude of success stories and application-specific articles to share with you. Browse our library to see how our products and services perform in real-life customer applications.

See recent demos held at the Omron ATC

This video demo series showcases a wide range of automation needs that include sensing, control, safety, vision, motion, robotics and more. Presented by the Omron Automation Center team.