Take advantage of a powerful solution for flexible bulkpart feeding

Omron’s AnyFeeder bulkpart feeding system combines vision and robotics with our powerful ACE Sight software to help you move faster in every stage of the manufacturing process, from evaluation through operation.

Ideal for flexible manufacturing systems, this unique solution simplifies setup and reduces the complexity of rapid product changeovers.

Manage a vast range of part types with a single solution

We give you the power to implement high-mix lines without sacrificing throughput. One AnyFeeder can replace several conventional feeders on your line, saving you time and money across the entire process from design to implementation and beyond.

Automate with intelligence, perfect vision and unmatched versatility

Visual part recognition frees you from the limits of mechanical feeding, speeding up configuration and eliminating the need for manual feeder calibration. AnyFeeder is ideal for any application featuring varied parts and frequent changeovers.

The system’s integrated vision architecture also allows for high speed latching of robot positions and a reduction in cycle time for products requiring fast inspection and orientation after pick up.