Save time and money throughout the entire packaging process

Omron’s PackXpert solution brings together our complete line of robotic automation products into a single, fully integrated packaging system that helps you cut costs from design to implementation and beyond.

A system that’s flexible, easy and comprehensive

Omron’s PackXpert solution puts you in control so that you can keep up with rapidly changing market demands. By simplifying the changeover process and making operation more accessible, PackXpert helps lower the total cost of ownership.

Manage your packing line on your own with an intuitive graphical interface. The PackXpert software works Omron’s Sysmac platform to help you communicate with your packaging automation system more effectively.

Customized for your packaging application

The PackXpert solution combines our extensive range of products with a powerful software platform to create a fully integrated system that can be configured to your unique requirements.

Our unique global team can assist you with robotics expertise and machine support for your packaging application.

  • 40 Countries
  • 150 Locations
  • 3000 Application Engineers

We are ready to help you every step of the way, anywhere in the world.