Currently, AFEIN provide production solutions for the main bread-making companies of the country with motion control technology and ow pack, which led them to venture into the print automation of printers.

The objective of AFEIN was to go even further using an innovative and simple control system.

AFEIN works with processors, screens, servomotors, temperature controllers, power supplies and OMRON sensors, which make the integration of all the components much easier, facilitating their configuration and making the operation friendlier, while controlling and managing incidents in real time.

OMRON Sysmac integrated automavtion platform offers an absolutely intuitive system for the user, using machine controllers (MACs), NJ, human-machine interfaces (HMI) and faster communication protocols such as Ethernet / IP and EtherCAT.

Thanks to this, the users managed to have absolute control of the production by managing all of the operating parameters.

“The equipment is robust, it can work for 24 continuous hours, 365 days a year and without problems.”

Carlos Cabrera | AFEIN S.A. de C.V. representative.