Key Benefits

Higher Throughput

The Medicut Pro is 2-5x faster than other workstations!

Improved Accuracy

The workstation’s Precision Regrip Module has less than .0005” positional error.

Greater Adaptability

The Medicut Pro feature 3-5 minute tool changeover and rapid prototyping.

Better Safety

The Medicut Pro has a CAT III safety system.

Improved Serviceability

The Medicut Pro uses off-the-shelf products that Alpine Laser stocks.


Stainless steel tubing is part of microcatheter shafts, structural heart valve frames, and other surgical materials that people’s lives depend on. Medical device manufacturers need tubing cut with excellent precision, so laser cutting workstations are essential for this industry.

From the beginning, Alpine Laser had a clear objective: to “hyper-focus” on the medical device industry’s business challenges and directly address concerns like constraints in manufacturing capacity within the laser cutting space and a lack of capacity among commercially available laser cutting equipment manufacturers.

Thanks to this careful consideration of customer needs and the implementation of advanced Omron control technologies, Alpine Laser’s new “Medicut Pro” workstation is faster, safer, more accurate, more adaptable, and more serviceable than other options.