Success Story

Delivering immediate 99% efficiency and a complete, integrated manufacturing solution

Manufacturers have traditionally used vibratory bowl feeders to feed individual component parts for assembly on industrial production lines. They are used when small components must be fed into another machine one at a time, and oriented in a specific direction.

Omron worked with integrator Armo Tool in London, Ontario and Tier One distributor Taylor Fluid Systems of Stratford, Ontario to create a complete Omron Sysmac solution for an automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that produces brake lines for multiple passenger vehicles. The OEM previously used a bowl feeder to sort its various end-form fittings that it attaches to brake line pipes, but constant changeovers to pick up new pieces created an unacceptable level of downtime.

Omron developed a complete Sysmac solution that includes an NJ processor, multiple Rotary & Linear servos, FH vision and two E-Cobra 600 Robots with an AnyFeeder system.