Cynertia Factory Automation, Inc., designs bottling lines specifically for customers in the CBD oil industry. This industry requires specialized lines in order to meet regulations on content, packaging and labelling. In recent years, CBD oil has become a widespread presence on store shelves due to its increasing popularity as a wellness and mood enhancing substance.

To accommodate the unique challenges of the industry, Cynertia chose to partner with Omron to provide an automation solution for their specialty bottling, capping and labelling line. The automation technologies allow the machines to achieve higher levels of throughput, meet product integrity demands as well as adhere to strict traceability regulations.

“We use Omron vision cameras for all our quality control checkpoints.”

Unique Solution: 

Omron helped Cynertia optimize an inspection solution using F430 smart cameras with the AutoVISION programming interface as well as implement E3Z transparent object photo-eye sensors, D40P non-contact safety switches and F3SG-RE safety light curtains to complete the full solution.

Customer Benefits:

Cynertia is able to meet their goal of producing 6,000 bottles per hour while maintaining consistent quality with regards to fill level, capping and labelling and with the flexibility to adapt to other types of products.